8AAT Courses


Summer Camp:

Jul 22 - Aug 23, 2024

Registration Open


Fall:  Sept 16 - Dec 20

Winter:  Jan 3 - Apr 4

Spring:  Apr 7 - Jun 20




SEPT 20, 8am EST



All courses at

Kemptville Campus

Kemptville, ON



All you need is a basic interest in science or space...


Topics: building a cubesat, propulsion, balloon launches, robotics, electronics, drones, amateur radio, computer coding, physics, photography, music, chemistry, math, in a creative environment, leadership-in-training, entrepreneurship...



Registration (Online): Click here.



Registration (In-Person):

Fall, Winter, Spring Courses

Sept 9 - Sept 13

Kemptville Campus

Parish Hall

6pm to 8pm



Course Schedule: Click here.


Price:  $200 / course / child.


Note:  Limited availability.



STEM Outreach

Sept 2023 - June 2024

Ages: 12 - 23


Arnprior, ON / Russell, ON

Ottawa, ON / Chesterville, ON

Hudson, QC


Since February 2023, we have 5 successful high-schools in our STEM Outreach Projects.


Goal, 8 - 24 months, design, build, test & launch: a cubesat satellite, space food solutions, propulsion, AI robotic martian rover, space awareness & debris solutions.


1) Carleton University Aerospace Astrophysics Radio Club; 2) Arnprior District HS Robotics Club; 3) St Thomas Aquinas HS (Russell, ON); 4) Cavagnal Venturers (Hudson, QC); 5) North Dundas HS (Chesterville, ON). Six Amateur Radio clubs support 8AAT: WIARC, SVARC, IARC, KARG, PRARC, CA2RC. RAC donated $1000 to CA2RC-SAT.


Sept 2024 - June 2025



Our STEM outreach does not stop here! We added a variety of STEM competitions starting in September 2024, tackling:


Robotics, Space, Propulsion, AI, Math, Chess, Amateur Radio Hackathon, Hackathons for local cities, Entrepreneurship. Register and sharpen your skills!


8AAT Robotics Competition


 No Experience Required.

Oct 2024 Registration Open

Fee: $200 (new applicants)



Ages:  6-11 / 12-18


4 Weeks Virtual Training.

Core materials provided.


Virtual (Canada-wide):


We provide a robot kit. Teams build and optimize their robot for a virtual competition. The competition is designed to build the interest and infrastructure in your school or club, such that you will one day be able to compete at international competitions. In October 2024, the June 2024 and new teams will compete again, repurposing their original robot for a new competition.




Blue Sky Dragons! (Cornwall)

St Matthew Phoenix (Cornwall)

Terry Fox ES (Gloucester)

AXXL5 STEM Team (Alexandria)

Team Russell PS (Russell)

Merrick Prep School (Merrickville)

NDDHS Robotics (North Dundas)

Chimo Chargers (Smiths Falls)

St. Mary Huskies (Carleton Place)

Spartan Engineers (Demorestville)

DRCSS Clippers (Dauphin)

DRCSS - Compsci (Dauphin)

RDPC Trojans (Thompson)


8AAT June 2024 Robotics Competition




Elementary School Division:


1st Place:  Russell Public School  (Russell, ON)   
2nd Place:  AXXL5 Team  (Alexandria, ON)
3nd Place:  Blue Sky Academy  (Cornwall, ON) 


Honourable Mentions:

Chimo Elementary School  (Smiths Falls, ON)
Sophiasburgh Elementary  (Demorestville, ON)



Secondary School Division:


1st Place:  Merrick Prep School  (Merrickville, ON)
2nd Place:  RD Parker Collegiate  (Thompson, MB)
3rd Place:  Dauphin Regional Composite  (Dauphin, MB)


Honourable Mention:

North Dundas DHS  (Winchester, ON)





Lance Peterson

Electronic Technician RCAF (retired)

Executive of PRARC, Rockland, ON.

Bob Beckers

Electrical Engineer / Software Coder 20+ years

President of Solacity, Kemptville, ON.


Both have extensive coding, electronics, Arduino microcontroller experience (identical to our competition robot) and a strong interest in promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics to a young generation.















2024 Summer Camp Registration:

Available Spots:  July 22 to Aug 23, Weekly.

Payment link at bottom of Registration time.
Click here to register & pay.




2024 Summer Camp Location:

Parish Hall

40 Campus Drive

Kemptville Campus

Kemptville, ON

Use South-West Door Entrance

(Will be marked with 8AAT Logo/Poster)


2024 Summer Camp Times/Dates:

July 8 to Aug 26

Closed during Stat Holidays

Monday to Friday

9am start / 4pm finish


2024 Drop-off / Pick-up Times:

8am (earliest) to 6pm (latest, no exceptions)




No Distraction Policy:

Cellphones will only be accessible / turned on:

before class, during lunch break, after class.

No exceptions.


Lunches / Snacks:

Students must bring their own.


Staff Contact Info (In-Class):

Provided to all registrant families.













8AAT Corporate Office

70 Bongard Ave

Nepean, ON

K2E 7Z9

By Appointment Only






Want to start an 8AAT Camp?

8AAT Club or After-School Program?


For recent university / college graduating students, or entrepreneurs with a technical/science background, consider this long-term investment with an ROI directly proportional to your effort. You will use our brand (8AAT), share your passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics with a younger generation of students and financially support your family, contribute to potential improvements in future quality of life for post-secondary school students, network and explore in-demand industries.


Pre-Screeing Requirements:


Must be Canadian Citizen residing in Canada.


Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss it further.

Franchise opportunities available: Sept 2024.