Robotics Competition

8AAT - 1st Annual Robotics Competition 2024:






Blue Sky Dragons! (Cornwall, ON)

St Matthew Phoenix (Cornwall, ON)

Terry Fox Elementary (Gloucester, ON)

Laggan Lairds (Laggan, ON)

Team Russell Public School (Russell, ON)

Merrick Prep School (Merrickville, ON)

NDDHS Robotics (North Dundas, ON)

Chimo Chargers (Smiths Falls, ON)

Spartan Engineers (Demorestville, ON)

DRCSS Clippers (Dauphin, MB)

DRCSS - Compsci Team (Dauphin, MB)

RDPC Trojans (Thompson, MB)

St. Mary Huskies (Carleton Place, ON)






No Experience Required.



Registration Fee: $100 / TEAM 


Register & Pay below.



NOTE:  School board firewalls may block access.

Please register & pay from another device.




Application Deadline: April 22 - 6pm (ON, QC, Atlantic) - CLOSED.

Application Deadline: April 29 - 10pm EST (MB, SK, AB, BC) - CLOSED.


Competition Date: May 29, 2024 (Virtual competition)




Age Categories:


Age 6 - 11  (coding method: "Scratch for Arduino / MBlocks ")

Age 12 - 18 (coding method: "MBlocks / C / C++" coding for Arduino)





8AAT establishes an ENTRY LEVEL annual in-person or virtual competition to encourage STEM Cubesat Robotics projects in any community in Canada. Each competition has a specific theme.






A core robotics kit is included with the registration fee (mailed to your school) necessary to complete the competition. Any additional materials are the responsibility of the school. Links to appropriate software will be provided for teachers to download and install. Windows OS preferred, Mac OS may also work (USB adapter will be required to connect to the robot, not provided).






4 weeks of training is provided, that will empower the students / teachers to build the robot, learn more about how the robot works and interacts with the environment. We cover the essentials of: robotics, artificial intelligence, electronics, communication, error mitigation and coding structures.






Design a robot with certain specifications, to complete a course, with time limit.




Competition Criteria: 


- Canada-wide.

- Must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

- Arduino UNO or Nano R3 microcontroller core component for robot.

- Frame can be metal, wood, styrofoam, plastic, Lego or 3D printed (no restrictions).

- Must include a camera (stand-alone device).




Judging Criteria:


- 50% = Ability to perform core tasks to specifications.

- 20% = Ability to peform all timed tasks to specifications.

- 10% = Uniqueness of scientific payload & sensor methods (instruments, experiments, etc).

- 10% = Uniqueness of design, materials, layout, thinking "outside-the-box".

- 10% = Error / failure mitigation strategies included in the design/experiment.




Bonus points:


- Social media regular updates of design, build, testing: 0% to 3%.

- Social media proof of community / family support: 0% to 3%.

- Social media posting of one error mitigation strategy and test: 0% to 3%




Team Awards (National):


1st Place

2nd Place.

3rd Place.

Honourable Mention #1

Honourable Mention #2




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