24/04/24 - News - 8AAT announces a list of Hackathons, Competitions & Courses that will be provided starting in September 2024. See the "COMPETITION" link in the Menu options at www.8aat.space for more information!


24/04/24 - News - 8AAT visits 1st Cavagnal (Hudson, Quebec) Venturers, to complete the NOAA satellite WAV to Image project, make a 2m 3-element YAGI antenna (via #mcgyver method), an APRS demo, perform their first 2M Foxhunt and triangulate the position of the 2M Beacon. All activities were completed and the weather was favourable for the evening! The Venturers successfully located approximate location of the 2M Beacon via YAGI high gain, low gain and null location positions and triangulation on the 1st measurement. Dr. Mark Lefsrud (#mcgilluniversity) provided the 4 samples of simulated lunar regolith for the 8AAT STEM High School Cubesat project.


24/04/24 - News - 8AAT is back at North Dundas District High School - UCDSB, who also tackled: 1) NOAA satellite WAV to image conversion; 2) Making a 3 element 2m YAGI Antenna using wood, duct tape and a $1 used measuring tape in the spirit of #mcgyver; 3) APRS demonstration then a Foxhunt on 2M band using YAGI's and Radio Shack scanners. Due to a sudden snowstorm outside, we postponed the Foxhunt to next week. The RED Team (Grades 9/10) and BLUE Team (Grades 11/12) built their own 2M YAGI antennas and downloaded NOAA weather satellite OGG/WAV files and processed them into images. The students noticed wide variations in the quality of files. The OGG/WAV files are from a large SATNog Library of publicly available recordings of the NOAA satellites as they fly over one of the thousands of SATNogs antennas setup at student amateur radio stations around the world. Both Teams are very eager for their Foxhunt and triangulation exercise next week!


24/04/22 - News - 8AAT visits Arnprior DHS. 3 Tasks for today: 1) NOAA satellite WAV to image conversion; 2) Make a 3 element 2m YAGI Antenna using wood, duct tape and a $1 used measuring tape in the spirit of #mcgyver; 3) APRS demonstration then a Foxhunt on 2M band using YAGI's and Radio Shack scanners. We placed the transmitter in the hallway of the school, walked out to the soccer field, but no power in the soccer field control room. Back into the school, setting up both 2M YAGIs at each end of the hallway, with the transmitter situated between the antennas. 2m Beacon signals received by both antennas, but too strong to locate precisely. After shifting off-frequency significantly (to attenuate signal), able to locate via Beacon using peak and null regions of antenna. The student in the Spacesuit was responsible for the Beacon - it made him easier to locate. Next week, students will attempt Foxhunt outdoors to use triangulation (2 YAGI attennas, degrees difference from magnetic North and the YAGI's GPS location) by drawing a map and showing the intersection points between the 2 YAGI's directional vectors - I will hide the Beacon farther away next week Thanks for SVARC (Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club of Cornwall, ON) for some of the Foxhunt equipment!


24/04/10 - News - 8AAT & SVARC exhibit at the city of Cornwall's 1st annual Youth Engagement Fair on April 10th, 2024. Great turnout, many curious parents and students learning more about 8AAT STEM Summer Camps and STEM career opportunities. Many local businesses attending.


24/04/10 - News - North Dundas District High School - UCDSB Blue Team (Grade 11 & 12) and Red Team (Grade 9 & 10) build analog photosensor electrical circuits to better understand how the analog sensor output (in this case output from the meter) is conveyed to the Arduino analog inputs, for data logging on an SD card. This represents how their High Altitude Balloon "Cubesat" will operate during deployment in May 2024.


24/04/08 - News - 8AAT, CA2RC and 3Z4S team up to launch a high altitude balloon during the solar Eclipse and test 3Z4S's prototype AI-based scientific payload. 8AAT's Leo and 5 CA2RC members travel to Montreal, QC, to pick up helium canisters, then to Pierreville, QC, to launch their first high-altitude balloon cubesat. After a few last-minute repairs and adjustments in a local park and confirming that 2m APRS tracker was functional, the cubesat was launched just as the Eclipse began.Immediately after the total Eclipse, the students chased the balloon maintaining contact via Fuyu's 2m APRS tracker antenna sticking out from the vehicle sunroof. Near the predicted "payload landing zone", atop the highest elevation in the area, Leo stopped the vehicle and affixed a wire to a drone to create a 33m long antenna and the other end connected to the APRS tracker. Eclipse related traffic congestion around Montreal and Sherbrooke were factors for selecting our remote rural flight path. The team-work, improvisation and determination demonstrated by all team members made CA2RC's first ever balloon launch a positive experience. Next launch: June 2024.


24/03/30 - News - Leo (8AAT) and CA2RC (Carleton Aerospace Astrophysics Radio Club) team up for a special project to take place during the April 8th Solar Eclipse (more details later). In addition, 8AAT and CA2RC will also participate in a Case Western Reserve University project studying the changes in the ionosphere during the Eclipse by monitoring changes in the 40M band signal from CHU (7850 kHz) at two locations: Kemptville Campus and South Glengarry.


24/03/27 - News - Do you want to raise awareness of a product, event, or service targeting STEM students & parents? We can help. Visit our profile at: https://collabstr.com/8aat where funds generated support our STEM projects.


24/03/26 - News - Thanks to Fuz3D Printing (Cornwall, ON) for printing our Cubesat frames. 8AAT STEM Cubesat Project participants St Thomas Aquinas High School build their revised cubesat structure with physics teacher Cory Warner. Results of the Thermal Tests, Parachute Tests and Human Robot Tests were shared with all 8AAT participating high-schools for an Engineering Report due next week.


24/03/25 - News - 8AAT's Leo would like to Cornwall General Hospital for providing dry ice for 8AAT STEM Cubesat High Altitude Balloon Project thermal testing! Goal: mitigate electronic equipment failure due to temperatures up to -56C between 10 to 20km altitude. We tested a passive thermal heating: pre-heated granite to 40C for 5 hours, it performed well and should be suitable our limited flight time. For our deployment, we will use soapstone - its slow heat dissipation property is ideal. Inspiration: in the days before electric heating, families would heat up rocks in a fireplace/campfire, and at night, remove the rocks, wrap them in a towel and place them in their beds. The heat would dissipate slowly during the night.


24/03/24 - News - 8AAT 1st Annual Entry-Level Robotics Competition. No Experience Necessary. Register at: www.8aat.space/NOW
Fee: $100. Ages: 6 to 11 / 12 to 18.
4 Weeks training provided.
Core hardware provided.
Registration Deadline: April 15, 2024.
Competition Date: May 15, 2024.
Schools, Teams, Individuals welcome. A great way to build the manpower and infrastructure necessary for a long-term competitive robotics team at your school!



24/03/20 - News - 8AAT's Leo was cooking Waffles for a CA2RC-SAT fundraiser at Carleton University. Leo and Pramit each wore a spacesuit for an hour for CA2RC's Instagram Page promotion: "Selfie With An Astronaut". New members recruited, event was profitable. Good work everyone.


24/03/22 - News - 8AAT STEM Cubesat Highschool Project - North Dundas High School (NDHS), Chesterville, ON. The Space Race between Blue Team (Grade 11/12) and Red Team (Grade 9/10) ended in a tie. Teams competed to build cubesat insulation frames with 1" thick foam in preparation for their cubesat thermal testing this week. Teams also competed as "human robots" whose goal was to find 2 eggs within 5 minutes. The robot is a blindfolded human, only receiving commands from an observer (Sensor --> CPU) and sending commands (CPU --> Actuator Movements) via: a) a wireless radio, or; b) SMS messaging with an assistant interpreter. Latencies, efficiencies, advantages and disadvantages of both methods to be examined by the students. The conclusion will lead to a better understanding for the necessity for autonomous robots to deal with simple immediate situational decision making.


24/03/20 - News - 8AAT STEM Cubesat High School Project - Cavagnal Venturers resume work on Arduino this week. Wednesday, we will meet with engineers at the Canadian Space Agency in St Hubert, QC, to discuss the 8AAT Cubesat Balloon Project.


24/03/16 - News - Canadian Space Agency's (CSA) Iulian Martin met with 8AAT's Leo and the Cavagnal Venturers on March 11th. We discussed the cubesat project progress and CSA offered mentorship. Leo and the Venturers will visit CSA in St Hubert, QC, March 27th for a tour of the facility and meet with CSA engineers. This Ventuer discovers the importance of a gyroscope / ADCS. When the metal wheel is spinning quickly in his hands, he is unable to fall from the balancing ball.


24/03/15 - News - 8AAT STEM Camp (March Break) at Cornwall Royal Canadian Legion winds down. Built a "Paraboot" parachute, amateur radio crystal radio / transmitter testing, robotic arm from a kit, repurposed a Value Village $2 motorized toy into an autonomous vehicle following a track. Intro to Arduino: the younger age of the students required initial use of Scratch in Arduino and by week end, transitioned to basic C/C++ coding with some understanding of the block structure & function of the coding. Parents and children were satisfied (thumbs up). A few familiar faces from Blue Sky: An Acton Academy.


24/03/09 - News - Leo provides CA2RC (Carleton Aerospace Astrophysics Radio Club) with the parachutes made by his 8AAT STEM Cubesat High School students. CA2RC members test them in the halls of Dunton Tower following a subsystem team meeting.


240308 - News - 8AAT thanks Dr. Marc Deschamps (St Isidore, ON) for allowing CA2RC and 8AAT STEM Cubesat Project students to test their radiation detectors using 60 keV X-Rays and perform basic non-destructive testing (NDT) cubesat structural analysis to introduce students to these processes. Thanks Marc!


240308 - News - 8AAT STEM Cubesat High School Project. North Dundas High School Grade 9s & 10s (Red Team) competed against Grade 11s & 12s (Blue Team) to build the best Cubesat simulating a "Space Race". This week, each team built: a) crystal radios; b) AM tone transmitters; c) 1 transistor radios; d) two sizes of parachutes with 500g weights + testing and deployment. The score is tied: 5 points for each team. Great work!


240307 - News - 8AAT STEM Cubesat Highschool Project at Arnprior District High School connect 2 Arduinos to test I2C communications. St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School (Russell, ON) completes their cubesat structure for thermal testing after March Break.


240305 - News - St Thomas Aquinas HS (Russell, ON), design and build 2 parachutes of different sizes to compare differences between 500g payload time to impact and drift during descent (model for the balloon cubesat). Testing Arduino using in-lab photoresistive sensor circuit (200-in-1 Electronic Kit) meter output to A0 pin input of Arduino, measuring real-time datastream and data storage strategies. Good running and stair climbing exercise as well!


24/03/04 - News - 8AAT and PRARC members teamed up to disassemble and rebuild 4 Sinclair-style bandpass VHF cavity filters, perform calibration and tune the filters to specific 2m band frequencies for a VHF repeater. We used a Rigol DSA815 spectrum analyzer and a NanoVNA. The cavity filters now perform as required. The details of our experience will appear on an "Instructable" page available in a few days.


24/02/28 - News - 8AAT students at Cavagnal Venturers (Hudson, QC), brave a regional power outage during a storm to work on their cubesat. Taking advantage of a generator at the local community centre, students continued with testing their cubesat parachute design study comparing effectiveness of different sizes & shapes. tudents fabricated a wind-tunnel using tables, duck tape and an industrial fan. Highly motivated students!


24/02/28 - News - 8AAT completes two one-day sessions discussing the creative element that binds Art and Science with students of Blue Sky Academy as part of the school's "Poetry & Astronomy" project. Examined Chris Hatfield (musician/astronaunt), contemporary musicians, understanding what "Space", how magnetic fields allow us to survive on Earth (Earth's magnetic field / Heliosphere), what to look forward to in the future, and learning how to describe Space in different ways.


24/02/26 - News - 8AAT in Cornwall Seaway Valley Newspaper.


24/02/21 - News - 8AAT, Blue Sky Academy (Cornwall), Laggan Public School (Laggan) and CA2RC-SAT (Ottawa) member Pramit Shende, attended the Feb 20th CSA Astronaut Virtual Presentation by David St Jacques on Feb 20th.


240220 - News - Busy Day. 1) North Dundas HS joined 8AAT STEM Cubesat Robotics High School Project; 2) 8AAT coordinated with Blue Sky Academy (Cornwall, ON), CA2RC (Ottawa), Laggan PS (Laggan, ON) to participate in a CSA virtual presentation from Astronaut David St Jacques; 3) Arnprior District High School and St Thomas Aquinas HS update on their cubesat projects with 8AAT.


240216 - News - 8AAT visits KARG (Kemptville Amateur Radio Club) to discuss the 8AAT STEM camps, collaboration and listen to presentations. 1) Mouserino (a DIY kit Arduino morse-code encoder/decoder/training device, most members purchased and built one this past month); 2) Batteries: lead acid, flooded / AGM / GEL type, lithium ion, LiFePO4, and the benefits/drawbacks/maintenance for each, with KARG host Rob Beckers (M.Eng) owner of Solacity, Kemptville, ON; 3) Update on the KARG 2M Repeater Tower installation; 4) Efficient portable HF antenna kit for Xaigu 90 & other autotuning transceivers.


240216 - News - St Thomas Aquinas HS students and Physics Teacher pose with their first 8AAT cubesat engineering model printed on the school's 3D printer. It will be used for testing purposes in the weeks ahead as the students familiarize themselves with balloon payload dynamics.


24/02/08 - News - Cavagnal Venturers finalizing their payload parameters and CAD cubesat subsystem layout based upon sample thicknesses to be provided by Dr. Mark Lefsrud (McGill University). #1st Cavagnal Scouts Hudson Quebec

24/02/08 - News - 8AAT establishes an annual in-person & remote competition: "8AAT Challenge" to encourage STEM Cubesat Robotics projects in any community in Canada. SPRING CHALLENGE and SUMMER CHALLENGE. Details here.


24/02/05 - News - 8AAT's Leo (Cook) and CA2RC members Jack, Pramit and Warda, completed CA2RC's first fundraiser event, selling Grilled Cheese at Carleton University. More than $400 raised over 2 days totalling 8 hours work.


24/02/05 - News - 8AAT in discussions with Blue Sky Academy private school (Cornwall, ON), North Dundas District High School (Avonmore, ON) to establish a STEM Cubesat Robotics program for February - June 2024.


24/02/04 - News - CA2RC receives 2024 Community Grant from RAC (Amateur Radio Society of Canada) for the amount of $1000, towards the CA2RC-SAT cubesat project. Great work!


24/02/04 - News - ISED approves 8AAT Amateur Radio Club call sign: VA3KYO, to be located in Kemptville, ON, for the 8AAT Summer Camp.


24/01/31 - News - 8AAT provides presentation at SVARC (Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club). SVARC donates $25 to 8AAT. Thank you!


24/01/28 - News - 8AAT participates with PRARC (Precott Russell Amateur Radio Club) in World Field Day (WFD) at the PRARC ground station adjacent Embrun City Hall.


24/01/16 - News - 8AAT receives $150 donation from WIARC (West Island Montreal Amateur Radio Club). Thank you!


24/01/10 - News - 8AAT resumes training 2024 at 4 locations.


23/12/11 - News - 8AAT STEM Cubesat High School Program at St Thomas Aquinas High School (Russell, ON). Preparing for the first Design Review. All thumbs up - they enjoy the Cubesat program!

23/12/11 - News - 8AAT - Cavagnal Venturers (Hudson, QC) provide their first STEM Cubesat Design Review and final meeting until the new year. Discussed their Cubesat payload (collaboration with McGill University Dr Mark Lefsrud: testing effects of atmospheric radiation on simulated lunar regolith to substitute as soil for crop production for a colony on the Moon). Enjoying the 8AAT STEM Cubesat High School program!


23/12/11 - News - 8AAT - Performing Design Review with CA2RC Cubesat Satellite Project (Leo as Instructor / Design Reviewer). Leo's 3 months of instruction at Carleton University Aerospace Astrophysics Radio Club (CA2RC) reaches the 1st milestone - the Design Review. Students present each subsystem of the Cubesat, discussing the individual hardware, strategies and justification for their decisions with research and data. The process builds confidence in their knowledge of the subject matter and in learning to articulate their thoughts, public speaking and accepting constructive criticism to improve their skill and knowledge base as future scientists and engineers. Great job!


23/12/11 - News - 8AAT officially supported by the 5 Amateur Radio Clubs in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec: 1) WIARC (West Island Montreal Amateur Radio Club), 2) SVARC (Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club), 3) PRARCs (Prescott-Russell Amateur Radio Club). Combined, represents 100 amateur radio operators and spans West Montreal, East to the city limits of Ottawa, South to Prescott and Cornwall. Represents approximately 100 HAMs. Thank you!

23/12/01 - News - 8AAT STEM Cubesat High-School Project Microcontroller Week. Arnprior District HS. Students are completing their Cubesat Design Review and are now beginning to use Arduino microcontrollers, as we transition from analog electronic training to digital electronics, PWM, logic gates, filtering data and optimizing power consumption on their Cubesat in the weeks ahead. Great initiative!


23/11/22 - News - 8AAT - Cavagnal Beavers (Hudson, QC) enjoyed Rocket Day. Working in teams to launch a foam rocket into a small area in the middle of the gym floor. We explained the principle of using an arc trajectory to make it land at a target by controlling: a) the energy to the rocket and; b) the angle it launches (aim up, halfway). The children caught on, and worked as a team to "aim" their rocket launchers to the target.


23/11/20 - News - 8AAT STEM Cubesat High School Program. Students in St Thomas Aquinas High School (Russell, ON), Arnprior District High School (Arnprior, ON) and Cavagnal Venturers (Hudson, QC) also begin training with Arduino Uno R3 in preparation for their Cubesat build.


23/11/18 - News - Our 2 month training process also addresses the lack of hands-on experience many students entering into University face due to COVID-19 High School lockdowns and remote learning for 2 years. Our attrition rate is low - so this process is working. Here, our 8AAT-SAT Team tackles Arduino Uno R3 educational computers for the first time. A great tool to prepare 8AAT members for the real Cubesat build coming soon.


23/11/15 - News - Dr Mark Lefsrud, dropped into one of our 8AAT STEM Cubesat High School Program locations (Hudson, QC). Mark is a McGill University Bioresource Engineering professor. He talked about his participation in the NASA/CSA Space Food Challenge. His lab, the University of Guelph and a Canadian company, created a first prototype of a building material & soil substitute with identical composition to Lunar "soil" regolith (made from local industrial waste metal). Plant roots grow in the spaces between the round rocks. The surface of the rocks draw water & nutrients up into the plant from a plate (capilliary action). Craters on the moon may contain water vapour - it can be harvested to feed the plants. Many challenges of growing food in space - you need to use local materials found on the Moon.



23/11/06 - News - 8AAT Team Building. 8AAT members available during the study break used two Radio Shack electronic education kits to successfully build: a) a simple morse tone generator; b) an AM transmitter containing a morse tone generator circuit. Goal: to demonstrate modularity in electronics and how it relates to cubesat hardware and software development.


23/10/21 - News - 8AAT Team Building. Attempt #1 to build a CW transmitter using a 1960s Radio Shack "100-in-1" kit with instruction book with complete with a wood project box. Sadly, no success due to a damaged wire between the spring connector terminals. Team did troubleshoot and work together to resolve using a variety of strategies, a positive attitude, and a few laughs in the process. We will try again next week with a newer Radio Shack kit and fresh modern connection wires. We will transition to an Arduino, a laptop, use the Radio Shack device for input/sensors, and a transmitter, then output to a nearby radio - incrementally promoting concept of hardware modularity and building team confidence without soldering or breadboards. Also part of the amateur radio training component of 8AAT.



23/10/16 - News - 8AAT Satellite Ground Station (VA3CZZ) antenna mast installation about to begin at Embrun, ON (ground is marked for digging). Estimated completion: mid-November 2023. The Embrun ground station room is finally available for 8AAT. Equipment setup at the ground station: Early December 2023. Thanks to PRARC & Municipality of Prescott-Russell for their cooperation!



23/10/16 - News - RAC / ARES "Dark Skies" Eastern Ontario Emergency Communications event. 8AAT member Leo and Lance (VA3LP) participated. Event coincided with the Niagara Region (Southern Ontario) and Northern Ontario events. We used 2m communications in analog (voice) and digital (DMR and WinLINK) modes to test signal strength, line of sight, maximum effective communication distance and functionality of repeaters surrounding our base of operations (Russell, ON). We used NVIS 40m, 60m and 80m HF analog (voice) to monitor communications between Northern and Southern Ontario ARES units. ARES members in Eastern Ontario deployed at various locations, relayed scripted test messages simulating an emergency event and coordination with emergency services (Police, Ambulance, etc) and local governments.

23/10/06 - News - Laptop donation today! We received an i5 laptop donation today from Jeff Devries (Cornwall / SVARC). Thanks to Jeff and Roger Belanger (SVARC) for coordinating the delivery.



23/10/01 - News - Welcome to St Thomas Aquinas High School (Russell, ON) and Teacher, Cory Warner, for participating in our STEM Cubesat High School Project! We now have three insitutions participating.



23/10/01 - News - 8AAT teams up with La City Collegiale (Ottawa, ON) professor Joel Brisson (PRARC President) to have his students create their own satellite tracking hardware for a 4 month project. Students will present the results in 2024. Great effort!

23/09/08 - News - Arnprior District High School (ADHS) will implement 8AAT STEM Cubesat Project. Peter Cudmore, Recipient of Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, approved our STEM project for his Robotics and Physics classes at ADHS. Thank you Peter! To date we have 2 groups participating in our STEM project for 2023.



23/09/07 - News - 8AAT now accepting applications for 8AAT-SAT Cubesat Team Positions, all positions begin immediately. Deadline: Sept 30th, 2023. Email CV, Cover Letter and your Social Media Links to: adm [ at ] 8AAT.space

23/09/06 - News - 8AAT will participate in Scouts Canada "JOTA" (Jamboree On The Internet) in November 2023 providing equipment and guidance to Ontario and Quebec Scout groups.



23/09/06 - News - 8AAT's "STEM Cubesat Project" 1st official participant - Cavagnal Colony Scouts (Hudson, QC, Canada). Thank you Regional Commissioner Olaf for your support.



23/09/01 - News - PRARC (Prescott-Russell Amateur Radio Club, Rockland, ON, Canada) have agreed to provide manpower and a 2nd permanent location for the 8AAT Ground Station (VA3CZZ) Embrun, ON. We will maintain our ground station at Carleton University.



23/08/25 - News - 8AAT receive's its first donation on GoFundMe! Thank you Tino, President of WIARC!



23/08/21 - News - 8AAT attends a "History of Clandestine Radios" presentation WIARC general meeting in Kirkland, QC, Canada. On the table is the indestructible briefcase Paraset transceiver, used by governments, intelligence agencies and militaries for 40 years. These units were built from scratch by Tino Zottola (WIARC President) and presenter John Pinnell.



23/08/16 - News - 8AAT and PRARCs members visit Mario's HAM shack for some long-distance night contacts in Israel and Europe and general tinkering. Mario's collection of military communications equipment is extensive, spanning 9 decades of history.



23/08/15 - News - What is a cubesat? This is the frame of a 3U (3 unit) cubesat, measuring 30cm x 10cm x 10cm, in the Carleton University CuSAT lab. 8AAT-SAT will be an identical 3U cubesat.



23/08/12 - News - 8AAT Cubesat STEM Project for local high-schools. Flyer distributed to over 30 high-schools in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.


23/08/02 - News - 8AAT member Leo is provides weekly STEM outreach activities to children attending St Finnan's summer school in July and August. Activities included: 1) rocket day #1 (involving a kits of balloons on a string to take home and an indoor demonstration in class with a story); 2) radio day (intro to handheld radios, using a dozen Fisher-Price 49Mhz radios for communications games). Be creative with what tools you have available!



23/06/21 - News - 8AAT community outreach projects for 2023/2024 include: a) elementary school STEM rocket days and; b) a 1U cubesat design competition open to Eastern Ontario secondary schools as part of STEM integrated learning. Both activities to be coordinated by the 8AAT community outreach coordinator.



23/04/30 - News - 8AAT member Leo awarded ARES emergency responder certification.  Lance Peterson (VA3LP) provided ARES training to 20 amateur radio operators in Eastern Ontario, with representation from Cornwall, Prescott, Embrun, Russell, Ottawa, North Glengarry and Renfrew. 8AAT can now participate in future ARES activities.



23/03/31 - News - 8AAT created to address demand for STEM Education among Ottawa Valley youths age 10 to 18. Ottawa Valley has almost no representation at academic or club competitions (e.g. Robotics). Ottawa Valley has highest incidence of poverty in Ontario and is extremely under-represented in provincial, national & international STEM competitions (e.g. robotics, aerospace, green energy) and STEM camps to encourage science & engineering career opportunities for youth. Parents and students need a consistent reliable STEM training location & relevant projects. Our solution is 8AAT STEM Cubesat / Robotics High School & Camp services for youths